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Top Tips on How to Design a Bathroom That Fits Your Lifestyle

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The best bathroom is one that fits your lifestyle. Your needs may be different from that of the others. To ensure the functionality, and comfort of your bathroom, think about what matters most for you. If you are thinking about upgrading or styling your bathroom, the tips listed below will help you achieve something that will meet your needs.

Kid-friendly bathroom

If you have little ones at home, your bathroom should be child-proof. Children can get hurt if you do not adopt security measures in the bathroom. First of all, do not leave the kids unattended. Be sure that you stay with them when they need to use the bathroom. Ensure the lighting is good so everyone can see better and avoid tripping or bumping on things. Use corner guards for sharp edges and anti-slip tapes or stickers on the floor. Have storage far from the kids’ reach to safely store medicines and other products they should not have access to. Install socket covers to prevent kids from inserting things in them.

Luxurious bathroom

If you live alone or even with other family members and want to achieve a luxurious look for your bathroom, a standalone bathtub will add elegance to your space. If you prefer a shower, go for walk-in showers as they provide that minimalist, contemporary, and elegant vibe. Replace your bathroom fixtures with stylish options to match the overall look you want. Add some decors and accents to further achieve the luxurious bathroom you want, like candles and plants. A fur bathroom rug will also give it an instant sophisticated, and chic feel.

Bathroom for the elderly

If you have older people at home, you may want to design the bathroom for their safety and convenience. They may have difficulties moving around, and their eyesight may also not be as good as before, so there is a risk of getting hurt. Like the tip in designing a bathroom for kids, proper lighting is also vital for seniors. Upgrade the lights in the bathroom to make it brighter, making it easier for the older family members to see well. Install handrails, too, so that they can hold on to them for support. Store things that they need within easy reach so it will be convenient to get them. Invest in raised toilets too. Elders may have difficulties sitting on regular toilets and have a hard time getting up. The latter will save them the energy and effort to sit and get up. Use anti-slip tapes too to protect them from slipping.

Couple bathroom

If it’s just you and your partner, turn your bathroom into something perfect for a couple. Have two sinks for convenience. You don’t have to wait for your partner to finish using the sink before you can do your thing. Get a big mirror too. Have enough storage to keep your items organized. Get your designated space to easily find your things and prevent them from mixing with your partner’s. Have a bathtub or shower enclosure that will fit you both comfortably.

The best bathroom design is one that meets your needs and lifestyle. Safety, comfort, and functionality are things you should always consider.

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