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Advice For Wedding Flowers

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Flowers for a wedding are almost as important as wedding rings! They provide a beautiful, soft atmosphere for the bride and their guests throughout the day. This aspect of wedding decoration and planning allows you to freely express your creativity and preferences. From the elegant bouquets of flowers to small creative compositions to minimalist bouquets in vases: the possibilities are endless. Let our experienced florists guide you to a successful wedding decoration.

  1. Define a budget: Because flowers are an integral part of the wedding decoration, it is better to think about the budget you can spend on them. It is generally necessary to count between 500 euros and 1500 euros to include the floral decoration of the tables, the place of ceremony, and the bouquet of the bride which costs between 50 and 150 euros according to the compositions.
  1. Opt for seasonal flowers: Not only will seasonal flowers be more beautiful and last longer, but they will also help you manage your budget better. Indeed, flowers that are easily found will be at a better price than those that you have to bring from the other side of the world. And of course, it’s more environmentally friendly.
  1. Choose bouquets of the right size: The size of the bouquets counts! For the tables, think of choosing heights that do not disturb the conversations between the guests but the bouquets must be sufficiently important not to be lost on the table. For the bride’s bouquet, its size should be defined according to the size and body of the bride but also the shape of the dress to offer a beautiful overall harmony.
  1. Don’t use too many colors: Your wedding probably has a color code for its decoration, so you might as well respect it when choosing your flowers. Try not to exceed three different colors. A single color will work just as well for a more refined floral decoration.
  1. Think about the scent of the flowers: If the delicate scent of the flowers is pleasant, it is better to avoid very fragrant flowers at the table for example because they could make the guests uncomfortable. On the other hand, branches of eucalyptus will be welcome to bring a fresh scent while decorating nicely.
  1. Think of the bridesmaids: To thank your bridesmaids, think of offering them a small bouquet of flowers which will be of the most beautiful effect on the atmosphere of your wedding. Make sure it is smaller than the bride. You can opt for a single type of flower for simplicity.
  1. Take care of the bride’s bouquet: The bride’s bouquet will accessory you all day long and will be on many pictures: choose it with care! Follow the advice of your florist for its composition because some flowers are more fragile than others and will not always be suitable for this task.
  1. finally, choose the right florists, we recommend choosing an online florist with a fast flowers delivery service, famous florists like Moyses Stevens will assist you with everything you need.

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