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The Airbnb effect: how Airbnb-style platforms are affecting the hospitality sector

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The exponential growth of Airbnb has revolutionised the British holiday market with holiday-goers now spoilt for choice. Whether you want a jaw-dropping skyscraper London apartment, a picturesque country cottage in the lake district, or a luxury self-catered accommodation in Harrogate, you can now find it with the click of a button.

However, as with any revolution, there has been fierce opposition. Hotel chain bosses argue that the rise of Airbnb will lead to the demise of the hotel industry, the UK’s 4th largest employer. However, travel experts argue Airbnb compliments, rather than replaces, hotels and the diversification of the sector should be celebrated. Indeed, even with the rise of Airbnb the UK’s hotel industry is still projected to grow 20% over the next few years. So, in the spirit of celebration, we are counting down some of the best reasons to book Airbnb-style accommodation!

  1. Choice

The number one benefit of the rise of Airbnb has undoubtedly been the explosion of choice that travelers now enjoy. From ‘cheap as chips’ single rooms to luxury apartments, Scottish bothies to treehouses and boathouses. Travelers are now seeking low-cost accommodation to gain maximum value for their trip. With Airbnb-style platforms, there truly is something for everyone, and most importantly, every budget.

  1. Competition

Gone are the days when people booked more mere utility; holiday-goers are now after a once-in-a-lifetime experience. With Airbnb-style platforms offering such an array of choices, hotels have been forced to seriously up their game. No longer can guests be taken for granted. Competition means hotels are having to pull out all the stops to entice customers meaning all travelers, whether you prefer Airbnb or hotels, are benefiting

  1. Save money during peak times

Price hikes during peak times were a common phenomenon made possible by hotels’ monopoly over the UK’s travel industry. From sky-high prices on New Year’s Eve, to rate increases over school holidays leaving many hard-working families unable to afford quality time away together. Not only does Airbnb offer holiday-makers cheap accommodation all year round, but its rise has also compelled hotels to lower their peak prices. Hence, consumers are now longer forced to pay through the roof just to get a roof over their heads.

  1. Entrepreneurial spirit

Airbnb-style platforms give homeowners the opportunity to let out a spare room or even their entire home if they are not living in it full-time themselves. Not only has this ignited an entrepreneurial spirit in these new small business owners, but it has also provided an invaluable source of extra income for many individuals and families.

  1. Benefit entire communities

79% of Airbnb tourists are eager to have an authentic, local experience with the average guest spending £100 per day in local shops, bars, and restaurants. The rise of Airbnb has helped spread tourism throughout entire towns rather than just city centres or tourist hotspots. This benefits businesses and communities in less explored areas and enables holidaymakers to immerse themselves in the local culture, even if it’s just for a few short days.

So, if you’re now craving an authentic stay in the most luxurious self-catered apartments the wonderful English town of Harrogate has to offer, visit our website today.

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