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Survival 101: How to Survive in the Wilderness While Waiting for Rescue

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Camping out or going on a hike helps you enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. There’s something about being among outdoors that can relax you. But once you head out to the wilderness, you’re never sure when catastrophe will strike. You could be separated from your group or stray off that you don’t know how to get back.

Critical Skills to Help You Survive During an Emergency

Whether you’re a newbie or veteran to surviving in the wilderness, here are essential survival skills that will keep you safe until rescue arrives:

  1. Finding and purifying water

When you find yourself hurt, lost, and in need of rescue, prioritize looking for a water source. Generally, you can survive without water for about three days. But your body’s individual hydration needs can prolong or shorten your survival.

Finding water in the wilderness involves searching for a lake, river, or stream. You can also source water from rainwater, pulpy plants, and snow and ice.

No matter where you sourced water, you need to purify it to minimize the risk of bacterial infection. If you don’t have the right tools, collect water in a container, let it stand for a few hours, and separate dirt and debris.

  1. Building a shelter

If you’re forced to spend the night, create a shelter that protects you from extreme elements. If you don’t have a tent or any form of housing, improvise by building one from branches or debris.

The space you need for the shelter depends on the environment. In cold conditions, the shelter should be enough to fit you so that it’s quick to warm using your body heat. When it’s hot, the space should be large to keep you safe and cool.

  1. Starting a fire

Fire not only keeps you warm, but it can also be a signal to your potential rescuer. If you don’t have a lighter or match, keep yourself warm by spinning a branch among tinder or using a glass lens.

The Wilderness Survival Essentials You Need

Having the essential tools in the wilderness improves your chances of survival until rescue. Don’t set off into the wild without these essentials:

Fire starter

Carry matches, a lighter, and a striker. Carry all these materials in a waterproof container and store them separately from other items in your kit.

Multipurpose knife

Bring a knife that can cut strings and sharpen sticks. Make sure that the tool is reliable and sharp to cut through the toughest materials.


This refers to wires and strings. Buy paracord and metal wires before you go on a hike. They’ll help you climb places, hang a cloth to create a shelter, and create a fishing line.

Navigational Tools

Chances are that your phone’s signal won’t work in the wilderness. Bring a compass and a road and topography map. Before your trip, take the time to learn how to read your map and navigate your way using a compass.

The last thing you want to happen is to get lost in the middle of the woods. Learn the critical skills for wilderness survival and carry the essentials so you can survive while waiting for rescue.

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