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Making the Most of Productive Breaks in Remote Work

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Remote work has a distinct quality – the flexibility of time. It can work to one’s advantage or disadvantage. That is why it is critical to managing your time well if you are working from home. One strategy to do this is to take sufficient breaks. What kinds of activities define a productive break? Here are some ideas.

Boost Your Creativity

Doing activities that stimulate your creativity can increase your brain function. Investing in the most expensive gaming PC can serve you a double purpose. It can speed up the applications you use for work. But, when it is your break time, it can serve as a platform to engage your mind in strategies of online games. Be sure to set a timer, though. You would not want to get caught up and forget your work.

You may also take the conventional route to creativity. Bring out blank pieces of paper and some art materials. The process of creating will help to lift your mood and make you feel energized as you get back to work.

Raise Social Awareness

One of the most worthwhile things you can do during a break is to fight for a cause dear to you. You may write a piece of article about it and post it on your selected organization’s website. You may also do artwork for them. Setting up a fund drive is also a good idea. What is wonderful about this is you can do all these things without leaving your seat. Choosing to engage in such a break can help your self-esteem. You will come back to your work, feeling a renewed sense of purpose.

Eat (or Snack) Healthy

A grave danger in remote work is to snack on junk foods. You can take advantage of your break time to whip up something healthy yet easy to make. There are many choices, such as a clubhouse sandwich or a plate of vegetable salad. You can also have natural smoothies for a load of health benefits. Indulging in healthy food will help you to be more alert in your work. Also, having a sense of pleasure for what you have eaten will make you happy and ready to take on any tasks ahead.

Allow Interactions

A bonus of working at home is the physical nearness of your loved-ones to you. You have to set boundaries between you and them when it is time for work. But, when you are in your break, go for short yet meaningful interactions with them. You can have a quick chat with your spouse or parents. Playing with your child or your pet will help you relax. Laugh and cherish the moments. Time with them is also a reminder for you of why you are working hard.

Keep Moving

This idea could never be emphasized enough. Do not fall to the trap of staying glued to your seat for long periods. Have small stretches, exercise, or even go for a walk outside. You may also do light chores during your break. Keeping active is proper for your heart and your brain. It also increases concentration. Seeing another view aside from your workspace can help you to brainstorm for new ideas.

Remember to have regular breaks to avoid burnout. While you are on it, make sure that you have spent your break time wisely. By choosing the right activities, you are giving yourself a chance to recharge. You can get back to work with the proper perspective.

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