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Drainage Problems: A Menace

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When living in a crowded place, there are many problems which the residents face. The most popular being the drainage and sewage issue, the same can be said for the residents of Chobham, Surrey, England residents.

The issue of drainage is becoming bigger day by day. Chobham blocked drains are causing huge trouble for the people residing there. Due to this, health and other aspects get affected badly. The overly neglected issue could cause huge problems in a day if not taken care of timely.

The main issue arises when there are no proper sources to dump waste, and on top of that, no proper sanitization is maintained.

Reported Facts About Chobham

There have been many reports that put light on the issue of Surrey facing drainage problems. The Hogsmill river has been much affected by Sewage waste. With no proper management, the wastewater is disposed of in the river, and the surface water is discharged into a sewer.

With the density of the population keeping in mind, it is mandatory to develop a proper sewage and drainage system.

The drain lining of Chobham is very much filled with all kinds of waste. Climate change is one such factor that has also led to the blocking of the drains. The biggest problem arises during the rainy season.

Due to excessive rains, most of the water can be used as rainwater gets stored in temporary tanks, as the sewage treatment isn’t made properly. Climate change is one such thing that should also be considered.

The drainage systems need to be made in such a manner that can help with excessive weather conditions. The Chobham blocked drains need a well-functioning drain lining.

Issues Faced Due To Improper Drainage

  • Flooding During The Rains.
  • Water-Logging.
  • A Breeding Place For Mosquitos.
  • Increase In Health-Related Diseases.
  • Water Pollution.
  • Impact On Environment.

The issue seems small, but the problem is much bigger. It becomes difficult to live in an area with drainage problems. Drain problems are very stressful to deal with. Various factors can affect the drainage system.

The problem starts with small particles like mainly foreign material, soap, hair, etc. some of the bigger particles, such as unwanted soil particles, gravels, stones from the pavement, can lead to severe drainage issues.

Effective Ways To Solve Such Problems

To protect the pipes of the drainage system, a drain lining should be fitted. It is one of the most efficient ways to protect the drains.

The drain lining acts as a protective gear for the pipes. As it saves the pipes from possible cracks, damages, leakage, forming of debris. It also protects the water from being contaminated.

Mainly from fungus and other particles or metals. Its main purpose is to protect the pipes from all sorts of erosion, cracks as well. They are very reliable and cost-efficient. It helps in increasing flow capacity. It is also very environmentally friendly.

For a problematic area like Chobham, drain lining is a good solution to end the drainage issue.

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