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Why Should You Be Wary of Riding a Side by Side?

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The inception of spring is also the inception of riding season for many ATV fans. The beginning to whizzing along the forest trails and listening to the engine thrum as the wind whips through your air. Unluckily, it is no fun and games when there is also some danger involved when riding an ATV. There are many fatal accidents caused when riding an ATV. They cause twice as many injuries than other off road riding vehicles. Due to the same, this article enlists the risks associated with the type of off road vehicle. If you have a side by side or are planning to buy one this season, then don’t forget to consider these safety concerns.

There is a rollover risk

Since its launch, side by sides are known for its concerns about their inherent risks of rollovers. Cote a cote is the small off road vehicles that can bear 6 people at max. It is just the design and manner in which the side by sides are made. They are narrow and have a heavy top where many models can speed up to 60 mph. if you are planning to buy a side by side, always be way of the risk of having a rollover accident. Here are the most common injuries caused by side by sides:

  • Broken bones
  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Even death

The list of injuries caused by side by sides is endless

Run a quick search on the CPSC website or Consumer Product Safety Commission and you may see that there had been multiple recalls of the side by side vehicles in the last few years. It is a safety issue that should always be considered when riding an ATV.

Here are some of the most common defects found in side by sides:

  • Faulty door hinges
  • Overheating engines
  • Fuel leaks
  • Braking issues

They can also cause grave injuries like:

  • Burns
  • Lacerations
  • Paralysis
  • Even death

Before you invest in any side by side vehicle, always make sure to check the CPSC website to check if the model you are considering to buy is not on the recall list.

They evoke overconfidence

Side by side may look like a car as it bears a windshield, steering and adjacent seats. This may create an image in your mind that it is safe to ride. Not always. Never let it lull you into a false sense of security. Always understand your abilities and experience as an ATV pro and then ride accordingly.

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