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Where to Visit in Rural Scotland

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Do you want to discover the true Scotland? Sure, going to large cities is fascinating and you can enjoy the history that the country has to offer. But, sometimes, it can be good to hit the road and see rural areas and small towns. This can give you a better idea of what Scotland is really like, and you can see the beautiful scenery that everybody knows.

But where are the best rural places to go in Scotland? Well, there are quite a few sights you can enjoy. You are going to want to know them in advance so that you can plan your road trip and make sure you see as many places as possible. So, let’s take a closer look at where you should visit in rural Scotland.

Loch Ness 

Let’s start with a place you have probably heard about before. We are talking about Loch Ness. This is a beautiful location, and you never know; you might see Nessie herself! There is stunning scenery that you can take in, as well as plenty of opportunities to go exploring. Loch Ness is found in the Scottish Highlands, so you know there are going to be plenty of trails you can go on and hikes that you can enjoy. You are also going to be near attractions such as Urquhart Castle, which is very popular and a scene you might recognise. If you want to hit the road and explore different places around Scotland, a good way to do this is by hiring a motorhome. Click on the link to learn more about motorhome hire in Scotland. 


Would you like to explore some villages in Scotland? Well, one you should add to your road trip list is Killin. Many people will describe it as homely and quaint, with a welcoming atmosphere. Here, you are going to be able to enjoy a lot of outdoor activities. In particular, people love to go hiking here. One spot that you cannot miss is Falls of Dochart. This is beautiful to see, and you are able to explore and enjoy being in nature. Just make sure that you take a good pair of hiking boots and a waterproof jacket so that you can enjoy exploring Killin in all weathers.


Next on the list is Tobermory. This is a stunning village you will find on the Isle of Mull. While it is classed as a fishing town, there is plenty more you can see here. Of course, the brightly coloured houses are definitely a highlight to most tourists and are something you can see on a postcard. What’s more, people feel like it is an adventure to get here. You will need to get a ferry from some locations, which can be a cool way to explore Scotland. There are other attractions you can enjoy here, which include Mull Museum, as well as the Marine Visitor Center. You can relax at local cafes and explore the shops too.


If you are looking for a good mix of relaxation and exploration on your holiday, then you want to add Dornoch to your list. This is a location in Sutherland and it has a lot to offer. You can walk the historic coastal area, as well as enjoy playing golf. We are talking about the Royal Dornoch being one of the best courses in the world. What’s more, there are other attractions nearby that the whole family can enjoy. This includes the Loch Fleet National Nature Reserve, plus you can see the Witch’s Stone.


If you are on a city break and you want to venture out to see some parts of rural Scotland, we recommend going to Peebles. This is a small town that you are going to find near Edinburgh. This is a market town that has a lot to offer. We are talking about having relaxing and beautiful walking trails you can enjoy, as well as the chance to see the Tweed Bridge. This is almost 600 years old. What’s more, there is a Tweeddale Museum and Gallery that is going to give you some insight into the local history of this area. Not far away, you will also find Neidpath Castle, which has existed since the 14th century. Therefore, if you are looking for rural spots to add to your list, make sure that Peebles is one of them. There are local cafes you can enjoy and shops. This way, you can make the most of your trip here.

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