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What are the Pros and Cons of Side by Side Refrigerators?

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A side by side fridge is exactly what it sounds like, the compartments side by side. These sections are adjacent to one another and they are not usually split in half mostly. The fridge accounts for 3/5ths of the entire capacity and the freezer takes the remaining 2/5ths.

Refrigerateur cote also has a vintage vibe. They look amazing in retro style kitchens. They are simple in design and come with a vertical split. Most of the contemporary designs come equipped with ice and water dispenser on the left door. The doors don’t need a ton of space to open, rendering these units an ideal choice for galley kitchens. They are also ideal for compact kitchens and a narrower choice than its counterparts.

Inside this fridge, you may find a host of storage space on the doors. This very feature is a signature design for side by side fridge. These units focus on space saving features to make the most of the fridge capacity.

Benefits of side by side fridge

  1. These fridges have more freezer space

This fridge lets you to have an equal amount of freezer space as the fridge side. This extra space lets more frozen food to be preserved.

  1. These fridges have convenient access to fridge and freezer compartment

As side by side fridges have vertical parts, it becomes easy to retrieve the contents from them. Freezer items are kept at an eye level so that you don’t have to do the excessive bending unless you are retrieving something from the bottom.

  1. These fridges have more door storage

As aforementioned, there is a lot of storage space on the doors of such fridge units when you compare them to other models. As both the doors span the length of the entire fridge, owners may have a lot of options regarding the same.

  1. They also have more freezer shelving

As these fridges are elongated, they also provide more storage shelves and parts to better arrange the freezer space.

  1. These fridges are easily accessible to the kids as well

Kids can also easily retrieve things from both the fridge as well as the freezer. This could be in a way an advantage as well as a disadvantage depending on your household.

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