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Ways to Lengthen the Lives of Your Home Appliances

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Maintaining the home entails maintaining the appliances that help make life easy, comfortable, and convenient. From storing, preparing, and preserving food to washing dishes and cleaning and drying clothes, homeowners depend on appliances to meet their needs and keep the home running.

Since most home appliances cost hundreds to thousands of dollars, they have to be treated like an investment that gives more the more you give. Spending on appliance repair once in a while is to be expected because things wear out, but with proper use and regular maintenance, they can last a long time.

Here is a useful guide to keep your home appliances running smoothly in the years to come:


Not every household has a dishwasher, so you are lucky if you have one. Dishwashers are convenient to have because they keep dishes clean and sterile without having to use your hands. They save you time, effort, and energy costs plus cleanup is more effective and hygienic.

Dishwashers can last up to nine years if used with care. Regular cleaning is necessary to prevent the buildup of debris and deposits that can clog the drain system over time. The trick is to always keep the door gaskets and bottom edge of the dishwasher clean by using water and bleach to avoid leaks, and clearing out objects in the pump area and spray arms. Scraping off the dishes and rinsing them before putting them in the dishwasher also helps prevent clogs.

If your dishwasher becomes faulty, have it checked by a professional technician as soon as possible as you might need dishwasher repair or part replacement at the very least. Being proactive is the best approach to extend the life of home appliances.

Refrigerators and freezers

Refrigerators have a service life of 13 years, while freezers can last up to 12. Most manufacturers recommend a specific temperature setting to prevent excessive cooling, so it’s good to review your appliance manual to know if you have set the temperatures of your appliances correctly.

Refrigerators have to be defrosted regularly to prevent ice buildup and keep them running smoothly. Most refrigerators now are frost-free, but if you don’t have a self-defrosting one, then you have to defrost it manually when the ice layer becomes a half-inch thick. Avoid using any sharp instruments when removing the ice layer to prevent damaging the appliance.

Dusting off the compressor coils at the back or bottom of the refrigerator or freezer every six months also helps extend their life. Dust can make it difficult to remove heat from the inside, causing the compressor to fail faster.

Lastly, do not overfill your refrigerator or freezer because this blocks airflow and makes the appliance work harder.

Ovens and stoves

Ovens are low-maintenance. Most ovens now are self-cleaning, but if you have one that needs manual cleaning, cleanup is pretty much a breeze.

Food debris and built-up grease must be removed as soon as possible. Make a cleaning solution by adding four tablespoons of baking soda into a liter of water. Then, shake the solution to make sure the baking soda has properly dissolved. Spray the solution onto a soft cloth and wipe the inside of the oven, especially the dirtiest, most stained areas. Keep in mind not to spray directly onto the control panels to avoid causing a short circuit.

Washing machine

Washing machines can last up to 10 years. The simplest way to extend the life of your washing machine is not to overload it. Overstuffing strains the motor, transmission, drive belts, tub bearings, and other parts. It also forces the device to work harder and use up more energy.

While overloading is a no-no, so is underloading. Underloading strains the drive components as well, and it is wasteful of water and energy.

Clothes dryer

A clothes dryer has a service life of about 13 to 14 years. Similar to the washing machine, it is important not to jam the clothes dryer with too many clothes. Overloading the appliance also wears out its parts by making it work harder.

Experts advise cleaning the clothes dryer’s lint filter after each use to avoid lint buildup in the vent. Lint buildup restricts airflow and may cause longer drying time. It is also a fire hazard.

Showing home appliances some love

Home appliances are not cheap. That’s why following manufacturer guidelines and keeping them clean and well-maintained are essential. Devices that are in good shape work more efficiently and reduce your energy consumption, saving you money. Proper care and regular maintenance improve performance, ensure your family’s safety from accidents, and allow you to make the most out of their service life.

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