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The Best List of Party and Event Trends This 2023

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Now that the rush of New Year’s parties and the Christmas celebrations are over, it’s time to get down to business. But there’s a difference these days – we’re all still recovering from the lockdowns and the pandemic, and many people want to celebrate (and rightly so). You know very well what this means: the celebrations and parties aren’t over yet! In fact, companies and individuals are planning the next party; after all, they didn’t get to gather and celebrate for almost two years, and any excuse for a party is a good excuse. Even organisations and companies are planning bigger and better events this year – and again, why not? But to have an amazing party or event, it pays to know what trends are ‘in’ this year. So are you planning a party or event and want to make it absolutely spectacular? Here’s the best list of party and event trends this 2023.

  • Say hello to ‘bar furniture’

The next big thing set to grace many a party or event is ‘bar furniture.’ What is it? Simply put, it’s the latest in bar or catering setups – instead of the usual generic décor, some events featured a custom-made or bespoke bar or catering station. For instance, one wedding featured a glam bar area with a bar decorated with candlelight and chandeliers. The setup was completed with guests choosing their beverage selections from a bespoke menu. Another event featured a bar with a blackboard set up, perfect for a university-themed event.

  • Mini cocktails

If you want to create a singular buzz around your event or party – and have it featured on everyone’s social media feed – serve some mini cocktails! Another name for it would be ‘one-sip’ cocktails, and they’re just what their name implies – a smaller version of the usual cocktail, which is meant to be taken sip by glorious sip. But these are not just your usual cocktails, either. Each drink is loaded with flavour and features clever garnishes, and guests are amazed. One party in Washington, DC, featured test-tube cocktails, which were a big hit among the guests! It’s also the perfect solution and pairing for those one-bite appetisers which are all the rage right now. You can seek help from event planners like Oasisevents.co.uk, and whether you want mini-cocktails or unique bar setups, they will bring your vision to life.

  • Champagne – or martini, or spritzer – towers

We’ve all been to parties and events that featured a champagne tower – it’s a classic! Champagne towers are elegant and classy, and there’s no denying their appeal. And through the years, it has graced many New Year’s celebrations and weddings. But this year, get ready for a novel twist on the old classic – this year’s ‘towers’ don’t just have champagne anymore – they feature everything from martinis to spritzers and whatever you fancy! It’s a new and exciting trend, making it even more amazing because you can choose any drink or cocktail you prefer.

There are lots of other trends which can make your event truly spectacular – from cocktail and food walls (yes, they exist) to individual ice sculptures to caviar stations; it seems that this year’s celebrations are off to an awesome start. But whether you want an event centred on trends or a party relying on the classics, it will be all the more possible with an expert event planner by your side.

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