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Rats Coming Through Toilets?

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 Know-How You Can Prevent It Rat Flap And 4-Inch Rat Blocker?

Have you ever faced ginormous rats swimming in your toilet? The sight of it isn’t only nerve-wracking but quite bothersome as well. Rats and mice can sneak through your toilets and get inside your house to create havoc. While it might scary, there are ways of preventing them from entering your toilets like using a rat flap. Rats show up uninvitingly in your toilet and though you find to find it impossible, it isn’t for the annoying rodents.

Here are few ways on how to stop rats from making their way through your toilet with the help of a 4-inch rat blocker and other such effective tools.

Know-How Rats Sneak Through Your Toilets

·         The Toilet Design Helps Them To Make Their Way Through Your Toilet

Two major factors contribute to enabling rats to crawl through your toilets. The first important contributor is the design that your toilet follows. The outline of the curvy pipe that penetrates the toilet boil and makes its way out to the drainage system is well visible. This pipe bend is made to double up as a wall between the odor from the drain and your toilet and it also has an air pocket through which rats can get through.

·         The Anatomy Of The Rats Is A Crucial Contributor

Secondly, the anatomy of the rat also plays a crucial role in helping them to crawl through your toilet. Since rats are born swimmers and because they can squeeze through hard-to-access spaces with complete ease, it isn’t a difficult task for them to sneak through toilets. Also, rats can hold their breathes for several minutes when need be. Try installing a 4 inch rat blocker if you think there are plumbing issues. The rat blockers can block the rat from entering the drainage.

·         Rat Proofing Your Toilet And How?

If rats wriggling up to your toilet bowl is a frequent occurrence in your bathroom, then there are few things that you can do. The first step to make sure the rats don’t crawl up is to keep your toilet lids closed all the time. While this isn’t a rat-proofing method, it would prevent the rats from coming out of the toilet and sneaking into your house. Apart from this, you can also install a rat flap. This tool besides opening towards the drainage lets the water and wastage pass through it but stops anything else from making its way in.

·         Stopping Rats From Making Their Way To Your Toilet: Know-How

You can prevent the sewer rats from making their way to your sewer and sneaking to your toilet with a 4-inch rat blocker. The rat blockers are made of stainless steel flap that is attached to the drain. To let the wastewater, move under the valve, the valve involves a flap towards its end. However, these rat blockers prevent the rats from making their way through the valve from either side.

Rats have always been synonymous with drains and they always make their way into your toilet bowls through the sewers. And rats are always attracted to your house, given the abundance of food, water, and shelter they get. Rats always look for cracks and holes in the sewer, to make their entry into your house. Hence, to put a stop to their entry, you must consider installing a rat flap.

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