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Most-Asked Questions On Using Rat Glue Trap From Pest Control Wholesale Suppliers

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Most often customers seek information on rat glue traps from the pest control wholesale suppliers. The rat glue traps are commonly known as sticky traps and include a small and excessively sticky tray either made of cardboard or plastic that is designed to catch rats the moment they step on it. The primary reason why rat glue traps are largely popular is that they contain no toxic baits and are cheaper than other rat trapping devices.

Rat Glue Traps And Why Are They Preferred?

When you trap rats through the rat glue trap, you can dispose of both the device and the rats into your garbage easily. There isn’t any hassle involved related to cleaning the mess. Here are some of the most important information that you might want to know about this wonderful device before placing your order for them.

Glue Traps: What’s With Their Popularity?

The rat glue traps that you get at the pest control wholesale stores are also labeled as glue boards. The rat glue traps are powerful adhesive-coated trays that hold the mice when they step over them. The moment rats touch the surface of the trap, they get stuck and cannot escape. And while the rats are immobilized when they get stuck in the trap, they do not die immediately.

What Happens To Rats When They Get Stuck On The Rat Glue Trap?

Based on how often you look into the rat trap once rats get stuck on it, the rat can stay in that position for hours to days. The rats can either be stuck facing downwards or upwards, either on all four legs or one leg. And the rats might be screeching out aloud in debilitating pain. The trapped rats often try to escape and the more they try to free themselves the more they are stuck on the glue. In an attempt to break free, many rats either get their bones or limbs broken.

And through the failed attempts of escape, the rats often succumb to tiredness, fatigue, and even suffocation as the odor from the adhesive creeps into their nasal passage.

Most often, the death of a rat happens because of excessive dehydration, starvation, and even exhaustion.

What To Do After You Have Caught The Rat On A Rat Trap?

After you have caught the rat in a rat trap, it is your responsibility to kill the rat in the most humane, decent, and civilized manner possible. The rat traps don’t come with any instructions. As per researches, a lot of people are unaware of what to do with live rats stuck on the rat glue traps.

Is Drowning The Best Option For Killing Rats Stuck On Glue Traps?

According to the professional pest control wholesale, drowning is the most inhumane way of getting rid of rats. As per several conducted studies, it takes less than 2.5 minutes to drown rats. However, suffocating rats to death is a crime and must be avoided at all costs.

The rat glue trap is one of the efficient ways of dealing with unwanted rats. They can prevent rat visitors from entering your house and creating further damage. If you happen to be untrained on how to handle rodents, then buying a rat glue trap to catch them is the perfect solution.

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