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How to Keep Your Home Pest-free

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Wherever you might be, pests are an annoyance you have to contend with throughout the year. They also pose a serious home and health risk. Some pests can seriously damage your property when they build nests or eat wood, while others can carry or causes diseases, ranging from minor ailments to life-threatening conditions. Either way, they’re dangerous, and you need to get rid of them.

Even the desert climate of Utah is home to many pests. We get spiders, rats, wasps, ants, and other types of critters. They all cause damage in their own way, and they all entail different methods of removal. For severe infestations, you can always call for residential pest control in Salt Lake City. But what if there’s a way to keep them away before things get serious?

Here are a few things you can do to keep pests away from your home.

  1. Check the doors

Cracks and gaps in and around doors can let unwanted pests into your home. Your door and window might look secure, but close examination can reveal small gaps that pests use to gain entry. The gap doesn’t have to be big. Small insects such as ants and spiders only need a space as thin as a few millimeters.

If you want to keep insects at bay, seal the door with a metal threshold. You can also increase its effectiveness by combining the door threshold with a door sweep. Both can be easily found at hardware and home improvement stores. You’ll also need to seal the frame to keep pests from entering along the sides or top edges. Exposed joints can be sealed with caulk or similar material. Of course, you need to keep the door closed at all times. If you have children or pets, you can get an automatic door closer.

  1. Cover the windows

You can keep flying insects at bay by covering the window with a mesh screen. If you have existing screens, check them for tears and holes. Small tears can be pushed together with fingers or a screwdriver, but for larger holes, you might have to replace the entire screen.

  1. Keep the yard clean

Keeping the yard clean and well-maintained can deter infestations from occurring, particularly for fleas and mosquitoes. For instance, mosquitoes require a water supply to survive. Removing or covering sources of water will significantly reduce the number of mosquitoes in your yard.

Artificial containers such as pots and tanks need to be covered to keep mosquitoes at bay. If the water is stagnant, however, it’s best to drain the container. Pools can also form due to the topography of your lawn. Scan the yard for areas where water can collect. Sloped areas can lead to a natural concave you can fill in.

Water buildup in flat surfaces can also be caused by thatch. If you have gutters or drains around your property, always keep them free of debris to ensure a steady flow of water. If you have a fountain, free-flowing water will keep the mosquitoes from nesting. Leaf piles should be removed or burned immediately because they can provide a spot for pests to hide in.

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